Taking On Too Much

This is one of those topics I’ve had pondering in my mind the last few days. For many author we take on way too much, thinking we can do everything by ourselves without any help. Some of us have many reasons to feel this way. I know for me, it’s a trust issue. If you don’t know my story, I entrusted someone with my brand at the beginning of the year and I was devastated by the outcome with the release of my first novel. I shouldn’t have had so many high hopes, especially when I didn’t understand the concept of promoting myself as an indie author. Hell, I was like anyone else. I wanted instant results without doing anything to reach those goals. I figured once I press the publish button I would instantly become a number one bestselling author. Well, I was wrong. Actually, it’s sad how wrong I was.
I don’t want to get too far off topic but for authors we do things to try and help each other. We take on more responsibility than we can actually handle because we want to make ourselves have some kind of face value in the community. Now, I know there are people who can handle it, but think about how much time authors spend on unrelated projects instead of actually writing? I can name off a few authors including myself that have suffered from this. We try to take on the whole work load and build something, but we forget about ourselves. We forget that we entered the indie community because we wanted to have our stories and voice heard.
I understand we all do it for many different reasons. Some do it out of kindness, some do it selfishly hoping to get something in return, and then some simply enjoy doing the extra curricular activities while engaging in conversation and meeting new friends. Whatever reason we do it, it helps everyone. I have had moments where I’ve taken on more than I can handle and my writing has suffered for it. It’s why I’ve come to terms with saying no to some projects, or even telling myself to think it over. Reason being, my goal is to write books and create new worlds for readers.
I do enjoy doing live feeds, playing music, and typing up my experiences in my blog and notes. I think watching someone else go through the process themselves is a fantastic tool for any growing author or newbie in the indie world. Sometimes even the veterans can take a lesson or two on the new ideas sprouting in the industry. All-in-all, we need to remember what we’re doing this for. If you’re doing it for fame and fortune, I’m sorry it’s not going to happen on the first three, five, ten, or sometimes twenty books that are written. The key to being successful is finding that one book that engages an audience and pulls them into your world. It’s not about how much you pump into advertisements, how many giveaways you do, or even reviews. It really comes to just writing an awesome story.
I know I’ll have some people who will disagree with me and that’s totally fine. Honestly, this is a hobby for me. I don’t really make enough to write full time without having a part time job to get me through the slow months. The thing is, I know there are many that hate the content of my work, or think I need to clean up my voice in my books. I totally understand it, but I write for me. I don’t write for anyone else. I have to actually enjoy my own books before I can press the publish button. If I loathe proofing my book three times in a row, then how will my readers feel about the book? If me, as an author, can’t even make it through my own book without yawning, then what am I really putting out there for my readers? I think it’s something every author should ponder before they release a book. It could change a three star to a four or five star.

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